I Have Dresses to List... Now What?

If you have found something in your closet that you know someone else would love to wear, then you are ready to LIST. We are so excited for you to join our community!

1. Take great pictures of your dress. Refer to our blog for a few guidelines on Great Pics.

2. Decide whether you want to manage your listing or outsource. If you are in the Atlanta/Middle Georgia area, consider our local Consignment option. This allows you the ability to sit back and let the money roll in. 

3. If you manage your listing, you will need to create an account. In the Menu option, choose to LEND or SELL. They will both land you at the vendor login page. Create an account and setup account details. Visit our Dress Owner FAQ page while in the portal.

4. Once you are ready to start listing your dresses. Navigate to the product page and begin. View a short 'How To' video on Listing a Dress.

Once your dress is on the site, you are ready to go! If you have any questions, Contact Us.


I Have Dresses to List… Now What? – A Dress the Occasion
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I Have Dresses to List… Now What? – A Dress the Occasion

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I Have Dresses to List… Now What? – A Dress the Occasion

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