Shipping 101

Here at A Dress the Occasion, we want to ensure a pleasurable experience for our Dress Borrowers/Buyers. As a Dress owner, you want to protect your product as well as present the item to the customer in a way that reflects you. Although the shipping  method is the responsibility of the Dress Owner, here are some general guidelines that may be helpful when shipping your formal dress.

  1. Package it properly. This will ensure the dress is not damaged in transit. (Remember, the box will be loaded onto all types of vehicles. The handlers will not be aware of the precious cargo inside).
  2. Insure it for the value/selling price.  This is recommended and encouraged for higher valued dresses. Price check it. It may not be as expensive as you think.
  3. Use a trackable method and require a signature release. Tracking is evidence in the event of a dispute.
  1. Use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box.  Find one at your local Post Office or shipping store for minimal cost (typically under $5).
  2. Get a box that is just big enough.  The larger the box, the higher the shipping costs (even for the same weight).  UPS has boxes that are 24x18x5, and 18x16x9 (and many more options).  Look for something in that range.
  3. Fold the gown as required and use plastic to cover it (for the unlikely, but possible event, that the box gets wet). A plastic cover bag from the dry cleaners or garment bag will suffice. Make sure to cover dress completely.
  4. If RENTAL, Don't forget to put the return shipping label inside the box! Also, you may want to include your contact information (phone or email) just in case there are any questions.
  5. Seal the flaps and seams with strong mailing tape that is a minimum width of two inches. The shipping store or post office employees are so helpful if you need them.
  6. Place the shipping label on top and avoid putting the label over a seam/closure or on top of the tape. 

Shipping costs will vary based on the the location and dimensions of your package.(expect a large ballgown to cost more to ship than a simple sheath dress).  Once you know your Dress Borrower's shipping address, you can get a shipping estimate from any of the major carriers. 

To ensure easy shipping returns, be sure to create a return shipping label with prepaid postage.



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