A Dress the Occasion is a marketplace that brings communities together to bridge the gap between fabulous and affordable formal wear. We offer you the opportunity to list your OWN dresses for rent or sale, while connecting you with someone who is looking for their dream experience. Our mission is to create business opportunities for the everyday woman and provide a space for convenient and affordable shopping.

The Dream Behind the Dress... meet Andrea


Andrea Walden is the founder of A Dress the Occasion. She is a wife, a mother, and a philanthropist...

Andrea's journey began when she was to marry the love of her life. Due to Lupus and other related health issues, everything seemed urgent at that time. The consummate planner only had one requirement. She didn't have to have a wedding, but she had to have a fabulous dress so her daughter could look back on the photos and see her parents say, " I do".

What she didn't realize, was that there were no affordable dress rental options that existed. Its a wedding dress, its very sentimental to most and although its sitting in someone's closet collecting dust, the thought never crosses their mind to loan to a perfect stranger. The idea to launch a dress rental business was born.

She discussed the idea with family and friends, but just didn't have a name. The next morning, her sister called her and said 'Adressing the Occasion'. Andrea loved it immediately. When she asked her sister how she came up with that name, she said, "I dreamt it. God gave it to me". In that very moment, she had confirmation to step out on faith and 'A Dress' the occasion of so many women like her self. The everday woman who wants to earn extra cash. The woman on a budget yet still requires quality. The woman who aims to recycle and reuse.

Whatever the occasion may be, she wants to find a dress for you.