What is the process to purchase a rental?

First, you will need to create an account to rent any of the dresses. At checkout, you will be required to choose a requested rental date. Then, once your order is complete, the Dress Lender has to confirm the order within 24 hours. Once the order is in a fulfilled status, your date has been reserved. You can check the status of your order in the Order History section of your account.

How will I receive the dress?

The Dress Owner is responsible for getting the dress to you and can use whatever method they desire. A Dress Owner can offer a shipping or local pickup option at their discretion. For local pickup, you will work with your Dress Lender/Seller for a convenient time and location. For rentals, you will be provided with a return label for ease of return.

How long can a dress be rented?

At this time, the rental price reflected on the site is for 4 days. We recommend planning your order to arrive 2 days before your event to try-on and accessorize. Return dress the day after the event by 12pm if shipping. Local pickup will need to be arranged with the Dress Lender.

How will the Dress Lender know my desired date of rental?

At this time, we do not offer a rental calendar. However, we recommended that you use the chat function to communicate with the Dress Lender before you purchase your rental. When viewing your desired dress, you will see a chat icon in the bottom right side of the screen. If the Admin is not online, your message will be sent as an email. Someone will contact you as soon as possible.

When am I charged for the rental?

Your form of payment is charged when you reserve the dress with the Dress Lender. The process is similar to booking a flight.

Can I try-on the dress before I rent or purchase?

All consigned dresses offer try-on to those in Metro Atlanta. You will need to reach out to the specific Dress Owner to determine if they offer try-ons.

Are alterations allowed for rentals?

We do not offer an alterations option. However, reach out to the Dress Lender and they may be able to accommodate reversible alterations. Refer to our Measurements Matter blog to prevent the need to alter.

What if the Rental Dress is wrinkled when it arrives?

If you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or contact the Dress Lender for advice on dress care.

What if the Rental dress is stained or damaged?

We understand that some wear and tear may be unavoidable. To ensure that the integrity of the dresses are maintained, as a Dress Borrower, please do not attempt to clean the dress on your own.Contact the Dress Lender for advice. If the dress is damaged beyond repair, the fee is 150% of the retail value.

What if the Rental Dress is returned late?

A late fee of 6% of the retail value or $25 per day (whichever is greater) will be charged to the payment method used for the order. The charge will not exceed 150% of the retail price plus any applicable taxes.

What if I lose the return label or packaging for my rental?

If you lose your return label and/or packaging, you will be responsible for returning the dress at your own expense. Dress must be returned by the return date.

Who is responsible for dry-cleaning the rental dress?

The Dress Lender is responsible for the dry cleaning or making sure the dress is properly cleaned and ready to wear. 

What are the fees to list my dress?

There is no cost to list your dress in the marketplace. However, once the item rents or is sold, you will keep 80% of the rental cost. The money will be transferred to your preferred payment method once item is delivered.

What types of dresses can I list?

We provide a marketplace to allow private rentals and sale of formal wear. We ask that dress submissions be limited to dresses originally categorized as formal by the designer. All products may be subject to approval before becoming available on the site.

What if my rental dress is stolen?

If a dress is not returned within 20 days after the return date, the Dress Borrower's form of payment will be charged the maximum fee of 150% of the retail price, plus any applicable taxes.

 What if I need to cancel my rental order?

Sometimes things happens and you need to change or cancel your order. To avoid confusion, no cancellations or edits are allowed within 14 days of your documented order delivery date. If the status of your order states “Fulfilled”, it means that your order has already shipped or is prepared to ship - no cancellations are allowed at this point.

To Cancel your order, go to My Account, click on CANCEL.

What if the rental dress doesn't fit and I need to return?

We know that ordering things online can be a gamble since you can’t touch the items or always try the item on. Return policies are vendor specific. A vendor's policy is located on their product page. In the event that no policy is posted, please refer to our Return Policy.

I have signed up to become a Dress Owner. Now what?

While in the Vendor Dashboard tools, click the FAQ link. You will find additional information specific to being a Dress Owner. Feel free to contact us as well.